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So much more than low cost supplies

Enjoy the benefits of opening a business account with Harper Office

You may have already bought products from Harper Office, but did you know that our easy to navigate webstore can do so much more for your business? By opening a business account with us, you will enjoy a host of benefits that go way beyond lower prices. With some help from our experienced Account Management team, we can customize your site to meet all your business needs as a B2B procurement application. Reduce costs on your frequently bought supplies, streamline your business processes and become a greener business by using us for all your office and janitorial needs.

3 major benefits of partnering with Harper Office...

Reduce Costs

We go way beyond simply offering competitive pricing. Our system gives you fully individual and customised pricing, with adaptive custom lists to help you get the right cost at the right time


Manage fewer invoices from fewer suppliers to drive business efficiency. You will benefit from a professional grade procurement application to improve purchasing processes and reduce time wasted in error correction.

Save CO2

Fewer deliveries from fewer suppliers mean a significant saving in carbon emissions within our environment helping you to become a greener business within your local community.

Questions and answers

The answer is a simple one in principle, by being efficient. For example, it costs your business four times as much to return goods to a supplier than it does to acquire them in the first place. Get the order wrong just once, and it will cost you $$$’s in the administrative process to correct the mistake. By having pre-approved products listed that you or your team can order without authorization you can reduce errors by ordering the wrong products. By putting checks and balances in place, orders for products not usually ordered can be checked before submission.
Each time you raise a requisition, place an order, receive goods and process an invoice for payment it costs your business money. Order more products from fewer suppliers and receive fewer deliveries and fewer invoices.
The answer to that isn’t what you might expect, spend more with us. By spending more, you leverage your purchasing power to drive lower costs. Studies show that the average cost for processing an order for good into your business is $56.00*. This figure can be reduced significantly by using web-based procurement removing the need for manual process.
You may be convinced at this point, or you may need a little more convincing. The great news is we can make all this happen for you at zero cost. You can try our approach, use our systems and see first hand how much benefit you can get and there is no commitment.
Single site, single user or multisite, multiuser, Single location or multistate with homeworkers. Our B2B solution capability is entirely granular, scalable and supports the demands of the most complex requirements as well as the simplest.